“I can’t wait ‘til the weekend?!”

“Thank God it’s Friday…”

“UGH. Here comes Monday.”

Who’s guilty for saying or thinking one of these statements?!

Have you ever considered that if you’re dreading Monday or waiting for Friday that maybe, just MAYBE, you need to re-evaluate your life or how you’re spending your time?!

Our average life expectancy is 79 years old so depending upon how old you are today, that doesn’t give you enough Monday’s and Friday’s in my opinion.But perhaps there is a truth to what you’re saying and feeling and you really do need to re-evaluate your life and where you’re spending your time.

Here’s a new thought to consider: I GET TO!
#reTHINK #onethoughtaway

I get to do Monday.

I get to have this Friday.

I get to find a better career.

I get to learn how to overcome this challenge.

I get to use this as an opportunity to make me better.

I get to learn a new way, make a new friend, find a better path to take.


You get to live once and dreading your days should not be par for the course…

If you’re consistently dreading the days in your week, you’ve got to #reTHINK how you’re doing life.

If you’re underwhelmed or unmotivated in this life, you’ve got to restrategize your approach.

If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got so you have to create a change!

If the people you’re surrounding yourself with are not lifting you up or making you better or helping you experience life and love in a way that “WOW’s” you, it may be time to find new people.

When you feel like you have to do something, you will feel trapped.

But the minute you #reTHINK and begin to believe that you get to do something, you feel free.

You are never really stuck. Ever.

You always have a choice. You’ve always got an option.

It’s up to you and whether or not you will stay in your “familiar hell” or if you will break out into an “unfamiliar heaven.”