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Digital Dream Academy

Digital DREAM: Academy is Based on the Number #1 Best Selling book in Christian Leadership

Digital DREAM: Academy is a 12-week Digital Course + VIP Coaching with Julia Gentry designed to equip you with the tools to bridge the gap between where you are & where you want to be.

This 12-week Academy sparks real transformation in the areas of faith, family, finances, health, relationships and career.

Digital Dream: Academy + VIP Coaching with Julia Gentry includes the following:

  • (12) Weekly Video Lessons delivered direct to your inbox
  • (12) Weekly LIVE VIP coaching sessions with Julia Gentry
  • FREE 3 Month Membership to DREAM: Storm ($897 VALUE)
  • Interactive Worksheets that have been proven to work
  • DISCOUNTS on all courses, merchandise, and conferences during enrollment in Academy

Group members are required to purchase their own book, workbook, and journal.

Digital DREAM: Academy will not only change the game, it will change your life.


“Don’t let life get in the way of living your dreams. Instead, have a dream louder than this life to life for.” – JG

Dream Academy Dream Steps

Digital DREAM: Academy

Our digital academy is specifically for people who want to overcome their limiting beliefs and DREAM like they’ll live forever and LIVE like they’ll die tomorrow.

Living bold takes a certain type of mindset that has to be developed, refined & supported. It takes courage to build something that’s never been created, to do something that most people won’t, to put your future on the line for something that is not guaranteed. But like the rest of us, “you can’t not do it” & that’s exactly why our community is here, to help you ReThink and develop a mindset that will serve you in building & creating the life of your dreams.

Come as you are. Leave completely transformed.


Here’s the results you can count on when participate in this

Digital DREAM: Academy Curriculum

  • WAKE UP to your life and a higher level of heavenly awareness and consciousness so you can dream real and live big,
  • Learn What’s Stopping You from living the life God intended and finally live past your fears, worry, and self – doubt,
  • Live with VISION and get loud about the things that are important to you,
  • Deepen your Faith so you can play a role in bringing heaven to this earth,
  • Create Greater Alignment in all areas of your life – faith, family, career, and community, so you can make better decisions,
  • Establish a Clear, Powerful, Wholehearted Action Plan to maximize results because “faith without works is dead!”

D.R.E.A.M. Framework is all about overcoming limiting beliefs and equipping people with the tools to bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be.


What are other dreamers are saying about Digital DREAM: Academy

“This journey will BLOW YOUR MIND …”

Nothing has impacted my life more!

“I have been reading and doing self-development work for over 20 years and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that nothing has impacted my life more than taking this course and reading Julia’s book. Hold on world because the world is going to transform at its core. I can’t recommend this course enough. Do it! You will NOT regret it!”

- Becky E., Entrepreneur

This will wake you up!

“This book is a wake-up call for those sleepwalking through life. We often get caught up in the drudgery of life and settle for the comfort vs the potential. This books reminds us that YES, God made each of us to live lives of significance. I love that this book diagnosis the root causes and walks you through a clear path of transformation.”

- B. Burdett, Pastor of Lakeridge Baptist Church

Wonderful resource for your next step in life

“Dream- I Dare You, not only practically addresses step by step how to dream again but it encourages the ability to help others around you to do the same thing. This book would be a wonderful resource for your church or small group. Julia, has an incredible way with words. She breaks it down perfectly for the believer and non-believer. There is MORE! Don’t die until you’re dead.”

- A. Piller, Pastoral Care at Jubilee Fellowship

I'll start a fire!

“Julia! Holy moly! You’ve become one of the ones! It only takes one person to start a revival or revolution. Light the match that will cause the uncontrollable fire. Or be the match rather… You’ve lit the way for so many – I’ve seen it, in person! And you’re set to brighten the way for many more! #idareyou

- Cindy S., Prayer Warrior

What is Digital DREAM: Academy?

🔥(12) Weekly Video Lessons delivered direct to your inbox

🔥(12) Weekly LIVE VIP coaching sessions with Julia Gentry

🔥FREE 3 Month Membership to DREAM: Storm ($897 VALUE)

🔥Interactive Worksheets that have been proven to work

🔥DISCOUNTS on all courses, merchandise, and conferences during enrollment in Academy


Facilitated by Julia Gentry

Julia Gentry

Julia Gentry is the Founder of The Dream Factory and Co & author of a best-selling book in Christian Leadership, Dream-I Dare You.

Despite starting her professional career in real estate, then being completely burned out on life in her early 30’s, only to experience a “Midlife Awakening.”…Julia can say today that she is truly ‘LIVING THE DREAM.’

As a full-time speaker, author, Jesus follower, business owner, growth coach, wife, and homeschool mom to FIVE, Julia knows what it takes to BRIDGE THE GAP.

The Dream Factory & Co. is a company founded on the mission to bring heaven to earth by developing dreamers JUST LIKE YOU who need the tools to bridge the gap between where they are, and where they want to be.

Julia uses her D.R.E.A.M Framework to provide people with the tools to:
 D – Discover the power of dreaming
 R – ReThink your thoughts
 E – Establish a dream louder than your life to live for
 A – Align with what heaven is doing
 M – Mobilize & get Moving

Julia is a sought after speaker & thoughts leader who has made her mark helping awaken dreamers everywhere. She believes that this world will be built on the shoulders of those with the greatest conviction.

A Message from our Founder – Julia Gentry

Digital DREAM: Academy will not only change the game, it will change your life. The real power in this community and why it is so unique is the LIVE format we provide. Sure, there are thousands of communities out there that you can join and sure, you’ll scroll and scroll and scroll for hours upon hours with tons of content to read. But reading will only take you so far. Our Academy is designed to take you all the way! We want to make this come to life. It’s designed to make YOU come to life!!

Every week you can count on LIVE, interactive sessions that will take your life and your DREAMS to the next level. You will be able to build connections with other dreamers all across the country. You will join a movement of people who are inspired by their lives, taking their dreams by storm, and bringing heaven to earth.

Our future will be built on the shoulders of the people with the greatest conviction. Will that be YOU??

We’re expecting you…

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