In these times, it’s easy to isolate ourselves… to retreat, to pull back.

The problem with isolation is we lose connection with others and oftentimes, ourselves.

The minute we lose connection, we are disconnected and the minute we are disconnected, we’ve lost alignment – that’s when we begin to “short circuit” and head into survival zone.

Just because we are “social distancing” does not mean we need to isolate and in fact, we need to lean in more than ever before. We need to lean into one another and leverage skills, insights, ideas, connections and resources like never before. We need to ask the hard questions and trust the answers. We need to not fear the dark but rather walk right into it and light it up. We need to let go of what was so we can grab onto what could be. We need to stop looking back and start looking forward.

We need to stick together – more so than before this crisis even hit.

Cuz lets be honest, before the crisis hit, we were busy. EXTREMELY busy.

A to do list a mile long, school activities and meetings, an overloaded schedule that had us running on a treadmill a million miles an hour. Now that the virus has hit, we’re isolating and retreating, partially out of necessity but if not careful, we are isolating mentally and emotionally.

I see all of this as a way to CONNECT.

In times of “busy”, we aren’t connecting and in times of isolation we aren’t connecting so what I am proposing for all of us is to use this time to connect… to ourselves, to God, to each other.

Brene Brown defines connection as:
The energy that exists between two people when they feel seen, heard and valued; when they give and receive without judgment; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.

I don’t know about you but that seems timely and spot on!!!

What will the aftermath be?

Well, that’s up to me. That’s up to you. That’s up to us. How can we band together? How can we trust God even more? How can our song of victory trump any sign of defeat?

I believe in the human soul.

I believe in our core potential.

I believe God is for us.

I believe in our ability to create and no one, and nothing can take that away from us. I believe that angels have our backs.

I believe that the battle is ours.

I believe in times of change, that upgrade is always possible.

I believe in connection.

Don’t lean out in times like this. Lean in!

Don’t compare, create.

Don’t avoid, open up to awareness.

Don’t blame or busy yourself, find deep belief with yourself.

Don’t fear, build faith.

Dont shy away, stand up.


Here’s a few ideas for you to keep moving in these next 30 days cuz “a body in motion stays in motion” – “Do 30 things in 30 days”.

Facetime a few people you love or haven’t spoken to in some time.

Start crocheting… I did!! It teaches me patience!

Soak up the sun.

Listen to Impact Theory everyday. It’s an AMAZING podcast full of the most insightful topics.

Read a chapter of the Bible everyday.

Ride bikes.

Sleep in. Stay up late.

Bake cookies.

Start writing that book you’ve been putting off.

Start the delivery service you haven’t had time for.

Finish the to do’s around the house.

Start meditating. Now is a PERFECT time for that.

Begin your journey of eating healthy. You’ve got time to figure it out.

Learn something new that will move you forward in life and/or business.

Sit down and color a picture.

Invest in the stock market (believe it or not, there is money to be made)

Start an online group, or join one, so you can connect with people.

Pray. Believe me, it’s not underestimated.

Don’t get on social media. Instead, write a letter, make a gift, connect with someone in a different way.

Journal. Go IN. Listen to yourself and begin to dream.

Read a new book.

Clean out your closets and dressers… purge baby purge!

That business you’ve been considering… go for it! Lean in.

If you have kids, do school with them. Learn with them. Laugh with them. Connect with them.

Make love in the middle of the day. Now you can, no excuses!

Plant a tree or a flower bush in honor of this time. May it always remind you of the beauty in the rain.

Workout. Yoga classes online, go for a run, use your children for deadlifts.

Watch a movie – Hacksaw Ridge is one I highly recommend.

Just be. Don’t do. Just be.

Trust God. When it’s all said and done, all we can do is trust God. Not the government or corporate or anything else… Learning to trust Him even when you don’t see is the greatest gift you could give yourself.


#beliefOVERbusy #beliefOVERBLAME