On June 30th, now 20 years ago (which is CRAZY to believe), my best friend Malori Aslan Smith was killed in a car accident, on a mission’s trip in Mexico. This day marked me for the rest of my life. Obviously, it caused severe heartache and I admit, on that day, I never thought I’d get up off the floor again, but it also changed me for the better… I guess this was my first lesson in learning how to give my pain purpose.

Honestly, I feel like Malori passed on her mission to me, and I have never been able to look at life the same. In one of her final journal entries, she wrote: “Dream as if you’ll live forever and live as if you’ll die tomorrow,” and I’ve been on a mission ever since…

If you’ve read my book DREAM – I Dare You, you will understand my wild dream that everyone, and I do mean everyone, on this side of heaven, would “make the impossible possible and create uninhibitedly because we are free”  and on June 30th, I’m asking you to join us as we celebrate Malori and the legacy she leaves behind!!! Introducing…

DARE TO DREAM DAY: A day where we commit to live BOLD AS LIONS.

Each year, on this day, let us all remember that life is not getting in the way of us living our dreams but rather, we must have a dream bigger than this life to live for. It’s a day to draw a line in the sand and commit to live differently, to see life differently, to no longer wonder if our dreams are possible but rather, LIVE LIKE IT!

HOW TO GET INVOLVED: It’s simple! On JUNE 30, we are asking these simple steps to support this mission: 

  1. Post a picture on your social media with my book, DREAM – I Dare You, showcasing half your face and half the lion’s face and some sort of message that speaks to your commitment to DREAM!
  2. Tag @thejuliagentry and use any or all of our hashtags, #boldaslions #daretodreamday #dream #idareyou #livebold








My hope is that this re-ignites YOU to dream real and live big, as well as grab the attention of friends and family so they too would have the courage to DREAM again. Together, we can create an army of DREAMERS who take Mal’s baton and commit (or re-commit) to truly live BOLD AS LIONS!!!

Cuz let’s be honest, this world doesn’t need one more person putting their dreams on the shelf… This world needs people who are on fire and unapologetically chasing the things that God has put on the inside of them. It’s time to dream. I dare you.

Join me, June 30th for DARE TO DREAM DAY!!!