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Have you found yourself wondering, “Is there something more?” Have you ever asked yourself, “I need a change but where do I start? I was born for something more than this, but what?” “There’s more in me that I’m not fulfilling and living out…but where do I even begin?”
Yea, we’ve been there before, too.

Welcome to DREAM ON Podcast, a podcast designed for people who want to turn their “good”, “fine” and even mediocre life in for one that is GREAT – a life that is actualized and full of utilized purpose and potential. This is the show for people who aren’t satisfied with the life they have and are committed to realizing their own potential.

On the DREAM ON Podcast, we discuss real, raw, and not small-talk conversations about faith, family, entrepreneurship and the things that matter most in life in order to help people bridge the gap between what they currently have and what they really want most in their life, family, career and community. But be forewarned, this podcast is not for the faint of heart but rather those of heart!

Join Julia and Travis Gentry, hosts of the show and a power couple who have decide to unapologetically chase theirs dreams, living their life outside the box – somewhere between brilliant and insane – as they bring you minor to major topics that will force you to #rethink, #reset, #refine, and #recall everything you’ve thought about this life!!



Julia and Travis’ real world experiences are priceless and mark their word, their journey hasn’t been perfect and they claim their failures are just as epic as their adventures and they live to share both. After climbing the company ladder and realizing that world wasn’t for them, they started their own real estate business in 2008. After chasing “the American dream” for long enough (the house, the cars, the stuff, the money) and realizing that this wasn’t their dream, they weren’t fulfilled and there had to be more to life, they took the necessary steps to find greater alignment and embarked on a journey of a lifetime.

Now they’re working together to see every activist, believer, creator, dreamer and entrepreneur find their path, create change, and make the “impossible” possible through their speaking, coaching, online content and workshops, and live events. Spontaneous, passionate, fun, and with a desire to do things differently, they are leading a new movement of DREAMERS.

They are on a quest to constantly #rethink, grow and chase their dreams and now they are unapologetically giving you permission to do the same. “Don’t get stuck in the same habits and patterns. Start thinking differently!” Join them for a series of bold conversations geared towards a total mindset shift and a chance to rethink everything you’ve ever thought! DREAM ON Podcast includes tangible tips and strategies for a better family life, how to create change, insights into business and entrepreneurship, and all around mindset techniques with a focus on what matters most! In every episode, Julia and Travis are actively helping people turn their midlife crisis into a midlife awakening and supporting people in building a better world by proactively chasing their dreams.

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