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Julia Gentry

Hi, I’m Julia Gentry, CEO and Founder of The Dream Factory and Co & author of a best-selling book in Christian Leadership, Dream-I Dare You.

Despite starting my professional career in real estate, then being completely burned out in my early 30’s, only to experience a “Midlife Awakening”… I can say that today I am truly ‘LIVING THE DREAM.’

As a national speaker, author, business owner, growth coach, wife, and homeschool mom to FIVE, I know what it takes to BRIDGE THE GAP. 

The Dream Factory & Co. was founded on the vision to awaken dreamers everywhere. We do this by giving people JUST LIKE YOU the tools to bridge the gap between where they are, and where they want to be.

I have developed a D.R.E.A.M Framework which is the proven method I use to walk people over The Gap.

IT IS TIME for this world to wake up to what Heaven is doing & to KNOW that the dreams God has placed on the inside of us are the answers to the world’s biggest problems.

I believe that this world will be built on the shoulders of those with the greatest conviction. My question is, will that be you?

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