The actual definition of procrastination is:

“the action of delaying or postponing something.”

Here’s where my head is at in regards to procrastination these days:

We should have no excuse or reason to allow it in our lives.




Not at all.

It’s in moments like Kobe Bryant’s death when we watch someone so iconic and alive all of a sudden face the realities of this life… death.

I don’t want to sound morbid or defeating but it is a reality and here’s the only words I have for all of us in times like these:

Be UNAPOLOGETIC about how you spend your time.

We should be valuing our time so much that it changes how we live our life.

No excuses.

No reasons why we aren’t.

No limits or mistakes or anything should keep us from living the life that we are proud of and that is in us to live.

Procrastination kills vision.

Procrastination kills purpose.

Procrastination hurts everyone.


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