Fear and doubt are the NUMBER ONE KILLERS of a Vision Focused, Purposed Life.

And yet, we ALL struggle with it.

Most “put up with it”.

Most tolerate it.

But as Malcom X said, “That which we don’t hate, we’ll eventually tolerate.”

Y’all. Do you HATE your fear? Do you HATE your doubt?

It’s a must in order to rid your life of it. But there’s also another antidote I suggest and it’s not one that most people like because they find it “woo woo” or super spiritual but here’s what I’ve learned:


It has nothing to do with “woo woo”, it has everything to do with attention and focus.

Fear and doubt have your attention right now. No questions asked. So it’s no wonder that you’re living your life and making decisions and creating habits from a place of fear and doubt. Well, how’s that workin’ for ya?!

Probably not well.

So how about we shift your focus? How about we give your ATTENTION to something that is far more worthy of your time, energy and focus? Instead of fear and doubt, focus on:


What would a life, built in faith and trust provide for you? How would your energy change? How would your decision making enhance? How would your life look different if you really immersed yourself in it?

Research has shown that 85% of addicts go back to their drug of choice, not because they didn’t try to rid their life of the drug, but because once they did rid their life of that drug, they didn’t put anything else in it’s place.

The reason your fear and doubt feel so legit right now is because it is. You’ve give so much of your attention to it that it now has so much of your life. The minute you exchange your fear and doubt for faith and trust, you are giving your attention to something completely different that has the absolute potential of driving insanely different results.

You’re choosing fear.

Choose faith.

You’re choosing doubt.

Choose trust.

Choose it over and over and over again UNTIL it becomes a habit, until it totally has your attention and then once it has your attention, guess what will have your life?? Faith and trust!!

Don’t resist the fear and doubt.

Just grab onto MORE of faith and trust. Think about it, pursue it, have conversations about it, write about it, research it, understand it, lose yourself in it.

Guaranteed, your entire life will change because your attention has changed!

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