Dreaming is not just about acquiring.

In fact, dreaming is actually more about becoming the best version of you. It’s about the whole you.

Today I would like to invite you on a little exercise of self – exploration. This exercise is designed to help you take that next step in clarifying and manifesting your greatest dreams come true for your life.

I encourage you to take 30 minutes to join me.

I’d like to share with you what I call the “Live to Thrive 5” which are five areas interconnected and impacted by your ability to dream.

These five areas are as followed: Mind and spirit, health and wellbeing, career, finances, and relationships and environment.

We are all of these. We are spiritual, emotional, mental, physical, and relational beings. And we need to be keyed into all parts of who we are in order to live to thrive.

Now, I want you to do four things:

  1. First, I want you to download (FOR FREE) and print 2 copies of this one – sheeter, Live to Thrive 5. DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Next, I want you to write on the top of the first copy: WHERE AM I? And I want you to first to consider where you are currently as it relates to each of these five areas, answering any or all of the below questions. There are a lot of questions to choose from because I have learned that it’s hard to get to go where you want to be when you don’t even know where you are. And sure, sometimes it’s hard to take inventory of where you are but if you don’t have the guts to be real with where you are, you won’t have the guts to clarify where you want to go.
  3. On the second copy, I want you to write: WHERE DO I WANT TO BE? And in each section, I want you to identify 3 dreams you have for each part of your life. Look at each section and simply ask: Where do I want to be with my mind and spirit? Where do I want to be financially? Where do I want to be in my career? Etc. Don’t worry if your answers don’t come right away. Simply hold space for the answer until it comes.
  4. Once you’ve done those things, refer back to where you are, look at where you want to be, and then ask one simple, yet profound question: WHAT’S ONE THING I CAN DO TODAY TO GO FROM WHERE I AM TO WHERE I WANT TO BE? And then guess what, do it. And the next day, do it again. And the next day, do it again. Until guess what, in 1 year, you would’ve done 365 things to move you towards the life you’ve always been dreaming of!!

The simple things are the most profound and as my dad always said: “How do you eat an elephant?”

And I’d always respond, “One bite at a time.”

So I say to you, “How do you live the life of your dreams?”

One bite at a time.
One day at a time.
One decision at a time.
One dream at a time.

DREAM ON friends and enjoy this exercise of gaining awareness.


(Questions to support you with #2)

Mind and Spirit

Where is my head (mind) at most days?


What kind of thoughts do I think?


Are my thoughts in alignment with my fears or faith, my doubts or dreams, with where I want to go or in conflict with where I want to go? Expound on this.


Where do I put my attention most days? TV, YouTube, social media, God’s word? And what are the effects of where I’m putting my attention?


Where am I at with the relationship I have with God? Who do I say God is? What role does He play in my life and in the life of my dreams?


How am I doing with my quiet time?


Health and Wellbeing

What kind of relationship do I have with food and overall nutrition?


How do I treat my body?


What current habits are taking me away from what I want most as it pertains to a healthy way of living?


What current health and wellbeing habits are moving me towards what I want most?


How do I treat my emotional wellbeing?


Why is my health such an important component to living my dreams?



What do I believe about work in general?


Why am I in the career I am?


Is this career a part of my dreams or am I doing it just because I’ve always done it?


What would a dream career actually be?


Relationships and Environment

Where am I at with the relationship I have with myself? How do I see me? How do I treat myself?


Where am I at with the relationship I have with those closest to me – spouse, friends, family, kids?


What do I want most in the relationships around me?


What keeps me from having what I want most out of the relationships around me?


Are the people closest to me dreaming? Why or why not? How does this help or hurt me in my own dreaming process?


Does where I live and the space within my own home support my dreams? Why or why not?


Do the things around me influence me more than the dreams within me? Expound on this.



Where am I at with the relationship I have with my finances?


What do I believe about money?


Do I see money as helping me or hindering me from getting what I want most?


Does what I know about money support me in getting me to where I want to be or do I need to learn something new/more?


How much money do I need/want to live out my realest, purest, wildest dreams?