Just because the world has become so chaotic doesn’t mean we also have to lose ourselves with it. Now more than ever, we need to overcome the doubts, fears, and worries of this time and go deeper within ourselves and our faith in God to tap into the dreams we so often forget. Speaking on the times and reminding us how to make a comeback into the dreamers within, Julia Gentry and Travis Gentry welcome you to the start of the Dream On! podcast where they talk about the things that have been on everyone’s minds, things they’ve rethought, and things that could help others in their own journeys toward achieving their dreams. At the heart of this is the power of rethinking as Julia and Travis highlight the need to do and think of things in ways we haven’t before to get the results we’ve never had. In this introductory episode, they share with us their lives, the exciting things that are about to come, and the wisdom that is about to be shared, and more. Join them in this discussion as they take you to the start of your journey here.

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Our Journey to Here

Here we are, episode one. The show has been in our minds for months and years. We started then stopped. We’re excited to finally launch the show and talk about the things that have been on our minds. All the things that we’ve rethought are in us to be able to help people. There’s no better time than now.

Can I admit that I’m a little nervous?

It’s a little different.

Consciously incompetent.

As we move forward with this show, we’ve been watching the show for years and then we do it. It’s easy to judge and compare when someone else is doing something and then you do it. You’re like, “I feel awkward.”

We’re inviting you to join us in our awkwardness.

We will talk about a few things that you can go to the website or go to YouTube and get downloads or different things. It may hold up something or have a picture of something but just so you know, it will be audio and video too.

The cool part about this one, we wanted to bring you to our home. If you are watching on YouTube, we are doing this first show from the comfort of our home. We have one baby who’s taking a nap. We’ll see how that goes. We’re excited. You can share this a little bit first try like, “Why are you most excited about this show?”

I’m most excited about doing it and stop talking about it, get her done. I do have a coffee mug that says, “Get her done.” Also to share all things that we’ve learned over the last fifteen-plus years from entrepreneurship to having four kids, moving, traveling, full-time, selling everything, all the things that we’ve done. It hasn’t been all of it. We’ve had some great successes, failures, and depressions along the way. That’s what we want to share, showcase it, and understand that some of the things that we thought it was wasn’t what it was. I’m excited to help people to rethink as we constantly rethink everything. What are you excited about?

I’m biased but we have some of the best conversations behind closed doors. I married one of the most profound human beings and I have some good things to say every once in a while. I love our journey and behind closed doors we have many deep conversations which is what brought us together in the first place. I’m excited to finally share that with people. I feel like more and more, we have people that are like you think how and what are you doing? How did you do that? It’s almost like, “If I could give them an inside seat into our bedroom, closet, car, kitchen table, over the kids, or anywhere.”

You can see snippets whether it’s social media and Facebook. You see like, “They’re here, they’re traveling, they sold everything, they’re doing this, or they bought real estate.” It’s like, “What are the Gentrys doing? We’ve had some friends over the years say like, “What are you doing?”

You want to share the mindset, the tools, the strategy, the prayers that went from A to Z.

It seems normal. When we’re doing something, we’re like, “This makes total sense.”

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People were like, “You guys are insane.”

That made a whole lot of sense or none at all but it was fun doing it.

Giving the gift to ourselves, to all of our audience, and our dreamers, that’s the second piece is that I believe now more than ever before it’s time to dream. We have to dream, realize, and clarify our dreams. We’re in the middle of this COVID, this huge pandemic, that fear, worry, and doubt is at an all-time high rightfully so and the only way we overcome that is by learning to dream, go to a deeper level, sit with God, sit with ourselves, and face the fears. I’m psyched to be a voice for people that go, “I’m born to dream. I’m born for a reason. I have something inside of me that needs to come out of me and to play a role in coming alongside some of those dreamers and say, ‘Us too, me too, you too.’”

It’s the community, it’s the mindset, it’s what you think is prohibiting you from living out your dream is not. Let’s dive in. We decided to do a Q&A. Instead of go on a rant about us, I’m going to ask Julia a question. She’s going to ask me questions. We’ll do a little bit of a timeline of questions that hopefully will give you a little insight into who we are and some of the things that we’ve done thus far. When did you know you loved me?

I know people say this so this sounds trite but I knew the minute I saw you, I was seventeen years old, I worked at Glamour Shots which starts to date us. People talk about things that date you even if you’re eighteen, you’re like, “What’s Glamour Shots?”

She’s the lead photographer at Glamour Shots at seventeen years old.

I remember I worked at Glamour Shots and you worked at GNC. I remember the day that you walked in the side doors, you had a backpack on, you walked by me, and I had this intuitive sense that went, “Wherever that guy is going, I want to go with him.” You headed into GNC. I’d never bought a protein bar in my life. I’m sure I didn’t even take supplements at that time and I was there every day. I was seventeen and I was completely in love with you and then only for us to become such good friends. I remember times that we would sit in my car for hours upon hours talking about this. I wish Travis would’ve made out with me. The day that you finally did make out with me, do you remember the first question I asked you after you got done kissing me?

What are we? We are done.

From the minute I saw you, I loved you.

What you were saying was we used to talk for hours about what did we want to do? Who do we want to become? Julia was seventeen. I was 21 or 22.

I was graduating from high school. You were getting ready to graduate college.

There was a huge difference in age, what I was into, what I was doing, my experiences at that point but we would sit and talk. We became good friends.

I wanted so much more but I settled for best friends.

She said I broke up with her, but I didn’t know we were dating.

DO 1 | Dream On

He’s Just Not That Into You: The No-Excuses Truth to Understanding Guy

He’s telling all my secrets already. That’s horrible. We were best friends then I remember going to LA to pursue what I thought was my dream only to realize it wasn’t. Where did you go?

I went to the Virgin Islands.

How did you end up in the Virgin Islands?

Your mom.

I paid her.

Your mom moved to the Virgin Islands and then I moved out there to help and I was going to do some construction. After I lived there for 2.5 or 3 months, we’ll have to show a picture of what I lived on. It was a houseboat and I was excited to live on a houseboat. It was a house on water but had to ride a dinghy boat back to it with no electricity, no water. It was like camping on the water in the ocean in the Virgin Islands. It was an experience. I loved it. I was out there for a couple of months and then moved up to Chicago and was working for a fitness company.

For those of you reading, our lives went into totally separate directions. I went one way. He went another way. We didn’t even talk for a couple of years.

After I was in the Virgin Islands and moved to Chicago, we didn’t talk for over a year.

I will share, I do think I had such a connection with Travis. I was heartbroken, resentful, and sad. All the things. I read the book, He’s Just Not That Into You and I cried myself. Those were a hard couple of years for me. What is the first thing that comes to mind when I asked you? What made you first rethink everything? I’m going to take these because they could be loud.

Hands-down to the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad. I read it. It was 2007. It was when I went up to Chicago, I read that book, and then it started me to rethink everything. If you don’t know the book, haven’t read the book, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, that was the first of many books that I’ve read by him. I’ve been to some of his workshops but help me to open my eyes to a whole new way of thinking in entrepreneurship, employee, self-employed, and investing.

At that time, you worked for a company. You’re climbing a ladder.

I worked for a fitness company. I did well for my age at that time. After about six months, I got my own store outside of Chicago in Crystal Lake, Illinois. I was there and then I got the opportunity to move up to Milwaukee to open a store. They were opening 3 or 4 other stores so I moved up there and that’s when we got reconnected. Watching that process of getting a job, making good money, going up what you consider the company ladder, being miserable, and thinking there’s got to be more. Now I know because reading the book, I was like, “There’s more to life than just a paycheck.”

It’s funny because I remember once I joined you in Milwaukee, thinking in my head, I remember the day, we have everything that people say you have and you should be happy. I wasn’t even working. I had retired. I was nineteen years old. I didn’t have to work because jokingly we were saying that because you made enough money and then some for us to have life. We had a nice house at that age, we had our cars, we traveled, we did some of those things but I remember the day that you came home and you said you felt like you were a fish in a fishbowl watching the world pass you by.

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I remember that too. It was one of those days where you’re like a tipping point. I still remember it now, me being in this container because the whole store was glass around me. I’m sitting there and watching almost life go by and you’re like, “I got to do something.”

I remember looking at you going, “I don’t know what that means.” I hadn’t read the book yet.

We took a workshop. That was like, “Let’s take the next step. Let’s do something about it. Let’s not dream and think about it.” We signed up for a Rich Dad Class, a workshop up in Green Bay so we went up there. We got the books and that’s when you started to read them.

I started reading them pretending I knew what they were saying and having no clue. I remember going to the gym going, “If I get on the treadmill and read while I run. I don’t mind anybody.”

That’s a totally different language.

I will share anything new. We’re doing this show, not that hard and you’re going to join us through this consciously and competent phase. Nobody likes doing something new and here’s why because you don’t feel competent. You feel ridiculous. I remember that phase going, “I have no idea what we’re supposed to do. I don’t like it.” We started having those conversations, “We will win.” When we have that money in the bank, once we get married, once we this, once we that.

When we’re making that much money at that point, it’s so hard to leave a job when you’re like, “Why would I leave this when it’s one of the easiest jobs, it’s flexible, I am my own boss for this company because I was the manager of the store. Why would I leave this?” Knowing that I had to so that was summer-ish time. That’s when in December 2007 going into 2008, that’s when everything changed.

That’s when the economy started slowly shifting.

The stores weren’t doing that great. The tipping point from the 2008 recession, everything that happened was the mortgage crisis.

Let me give you a timeline quick. We’re heading into November of 2007, Travis comes home and he says, “You know how we’ve been talking about.”

We’ve been to workshop. We’re going to do real estate.

I’m like, “Yes. Once we get married, have a certain amount in the bank, all of our ducks in a row, makes logical sense, normal people do the things that they need to do to prepare. That’s what we’ve been talking about?” He says, “Yes,” and I quit my job. I was like, “What are you talking about?”

They cut my pay because the stores weren’t doing good and it was the way it was structured. They were going to restructure it and it was going to almost cut my pay almost in half. I said, “I can’t do that.” I’ll do right by the store, right by you. Two weeks, three weeks, whatever you need but I’m done because I’m not going to do this job that I am miserable and hate life.”

We found the threshold. Fast forward a month, he asked me to marry him at Christmas time in front of all of our families. I remember going, “Are you out of your mind?” I didn’t say that outside but I remember going we quit this job, we’re jumping into real estate full-time which we’d have no idea what we’re doing, and we’re going to get married. Little did I know that was a precursor for this next decade that we’re going to share with you. Rethink everything, do it before you’re ready, jump into it even when your ducks aren’t in a row, trust each other, God’s timing is greater than our own, things happen for you. Every lesson that in this last decade that we’ve walked out, we learned at that moment.

Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money That the Poor and Middle Class Do Not!

Tony Robbins says, “Life happens for you, not to you.” At that point, you’re not thinking that but it felt right. We had a little bit of money saved up, we jumped in, and we’re not going to get too much into that. In January, February 2008, we decided to partner with another couple that we met up in Green Bay, moved down to Nashville, and move in with them. That’s all I’m going to say about that. We’re going to put out some YouTube videos and different things that will go in-depth on some of the things that we learned through this process of being an entrepreneur and real estate investing. You have to keep reading.

We don’t know what episode but stay tuned.

I’m going to ask another question. What’s your greatest lesson to date of being an entrepreneur?

It had to be in this first venture of real estate and we will dedicate a whole show to understanding our journey. That first year in real estate was brutal. We were learning, we bought deals we shouldn’t have bought, we were spending money we shouldn’t spend. We ended up in a lot of debt in that first year but fast forward, we ended up specializing in short sales and we partnered with someone who was an amazing fit for our personality. She was an amazing partner. We grew fast. Within that next year, going into our second year, we had hit the market spot on. We specialize in short sales, we were making more money in some months than most people made all year. Ultimately, we grew to have a staff of five.

We were doing 20, 30 short sales than any given time. You fast forward a couple of years, we were doing well, we bought the suite loft, we bought amazing cars, all of the things. I was 22, 23 years old, $60,000 car but then waking up and we are $100,000 in debt. We lived in my mom’s unfinished basement. We had to move out of our loft. The greatest lesson I learned as an entrepreneur is that it’s not about the external game. I was fixated on the external game like having more, acquiring more, doing all the right things. We built a business, we were making money, it worked and yet, there was this internal game that hadn’t changed.

Why people win the lottery or why people make millions of dollars in a snap only to lose it a couple of years later. We sat with this realization of being an entrepreneur has nothing to do with acquisition. It has to do with something that is on the inside of you and that the inside of you starts to create the world around us. I was creating this world around me only to realize the world within me didn’t catch up. It hadn’t caught up. That was mind-boggling to me. I’m feeling the highs of the highs, then all of a sudden the lows of the lows. I was like, “There’s a different game here. What is that?”

We had it figured out externally. It was a $40,000 car, a sweet loft yet months later, having to sell the car and living in an unfinished basement of my mother-in-law which is not the highlight of my marriage by any means. We’ve been married a couple of years too so we’re taking a huge step backward and much needed. Life happens for you.

I didn’t think that life happened for us. I remember you saying that a couple of years ago that life happens for us. I thought that it was happening to us. It shifted us into some rather dark times because I started asking questions that I didn’t even know was in me or fear, worry, doubt, nothing is possible, and how are we going to get out of this. I remember being in this black hole of fear which I see a lot of people in this crisis that we’re in and being there only by ourselves asking questions like, “Am I ever going to get there? Will this ever work? I didn’t believe in myself.” That was the greatest lesson I learned as an entrepreneur. It doesn’t have to do with all this stuff and the external circumstances or if the economy is good, the economy is bad, how much money you have, or how much money you don’t have to wherever I go there I am. That was the first time that I was like, “Is this the person I want to take with?”

You can look from an external perspective, it’s easy to hide behind that. Once that’s gone, there you are.

You start to question everything.

Yes, because you thought you had it figured out. Most of it is monetary. I have money so I look good, I’m driving the car, wearing the clothes, or doing whatever to realize I’m not equipped internally to maintain this or to grow it.

What has been one of the hardest seasons thus far?

You piggyback on that. In that time of going from making good money to being $100,000 in bad debt, not having assets at that point, and still owing money on decisions that we made prior that we were paying off, living in my mother-in-law’s basement, that was one of the hardest, darkest times rethinking, resetting everything. It has nothing to do with anything else. Turning to alcohol, turning to depression. We had no kids at that time, it was me and Julia and a dog. I remember a couple of key moments of I can’t keep moving forward. It’s still emotional.

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There was a couple of times where it hit my knees, I’m going to kill myself by any means but at that point of like, “This is not what I thought my life was going to be from where I was to where I am. This doesn’t make sense. Why God? Why is this happening to me?” Going into the pullback of everything, not wanting to do anything, not stepping out, not having the courage anymore. My faith was challenged. Turning to alcohol to quiet the voice in your head of, “I’m going to drink so I don’t have to process, think or feel that emotion.”

Looking back, that’s when we needed to continue to take some steps forward and we finally did but until we came out of it, that was about a year.

At one point, you have to make different choices and eat some huge humble pie.

#HumblePie, follow that hashtag. I want you to know, let’s use this anytime that we’re going to share stories on Instagram or YouTube that are truly our journey of epic failures or lessons that we’ve learned. We’re going to #HumblePie.

I remember going from Yukon Denali and it was a $40,000-some car. We got to truck because we believed we will start traveling in RV because that was always something that we wanted to do. Not having the RV, we bought the truck and it was a huge diesel mega cab Dodge truck.

That costs $120 to fill it up.

That was ridiculous. Still living in the basement of my mother-in-law, not only that, then to go trade that in to get a light green Prius because it was $20-some. I remember taking a picture when we went to the gas station to fill it up the first time, I was like, “This is amazing. It’s $22 to fill up this thing. It gets 40-some miles to a gallon.” Talk about some humble pie and much needed to the pride that I had, some of my thoughts, judgments, or comparisons to other people, I had to go to that low spot to be able to recognize not the things around me and how I was showing up and who I was wasn’t going to get me to where I wanted to go long-term.

God was like, “No, let’s break this down.”

The house of cards is too big.

That’s a huge lesson in which we have a limited time in this first show. What we need to talk about is when you believe that there is God and you’re not Him, He knows the beginning from the end and the breakdown is as important as the buildup. When you can trust that your breakdown moments are God getting you to who you need to be, what you need to realize, the lessons you need to learn so that when you start to rebuild again, it’s a solid foundation. Those were the hardest years but those were the setup for planting new seeds for what was to come hindsight. Don’t get me wrong, when you’re in it, this is not good. Is God even good? Do I believe in myself? Do I believe in God? Those questions are for real. I’m not trying to overlook the pain and sometimes the suffering that that can bring, but now looking back, we needed to hit our knees.

That’s part of the rebuilding of the foundation to go to that next level. You’ve said multiple times is give your pain purpose. That’s one of the reasons why we’re doing a show, some of the things online, and building out this community because we’ve had some low points and we’ve had some high points, a lot of successes too. That’s what we’re going to launch here everything. I’m going to ask you the next question. What is the one thing that’s made the greatest impact on you?

Our RV travel. To give some context, we have been talking about traveling in an RV. When I was seventeen years old, we’re traveling the country in an RV and then we talked about it when we bought the truck to your point.

We were in Milwaukee, we went and looked at a big A-class man. We had them hold it for 24 hours.

We’ve had many times over the years that we’ve talked about it. When we get there then we were playing that game, you can relate. When I get there, then I will and then what happens is it creates much energy in your brain that it was dizzy. I remember the day that we finally decided. Let me give it a little bit more context again. We ended up from all the things that you were talking about. We started to rebuild their lives again on a better foundation and better soil. I got into business coaching which I loved. That was my first step into I was born for this teaching, facilitating community, and moving people forward. It was specifically about building business, took all my lessons, all the failures, even the successes, and how we did it. Talking about strategic planning, process mapping, and all the things. That was my door into I was born for something this. You got back into real estate, only doing it your way in a different way.


Take some flips, rentals, some wholesale deals.

You’re good at it. We started to come alive again. We found our yellow house. We called it Riverdale which was an amazing house. This 0.1 baby, 2 baby Malakai and then Azlan. We bought the cars with cash. We started doing all the things that you needed to do. This was about a four-year process. We were still starting to have some of those questions of is there something more? The dreamer’s question. You know that you’re a dreamer when you’re asking that question. That’s when we decided that we needed a pattern interrupt after four years of rebuilding and we moved down to Arizona, we did that for almost a year.

We bought another truck, got the fifth wheel, did 3 or 4 months up to the East Coast, and then came back to Colorado. I’ll keep it short because we’ll do some different things on this. We bought a house to fix up. It was 5 or 6 days before Christmas and the kitchen caught fire. That was another pattern interrupt. At that point, we were going to move in, we were living with my parents at that time they’re living with any family, it’s hard and such a blessing at the same time. We were excited to move into the house. It caught fire and we were like, “We need to go do something.” We went down to Arizona to get away from the environment, being in nice weather, and the pool. When we’re down there, we were like, “Why don’t we move down here?” We have nothing at this point. I can sell this house, fix it up. It wasn’t a major fire, Thank God, but enough to have us take a couple of steps backward. Down there, that’s when we said, “Why don’t we fix it up, sell it and move down here?” We did.

Another one of those brilliant and insane, we were in Arizona, we’d been there for about six months and we started circling the whole full-time RV travel again. That question wasn’t going away, is there something more? We had got away from our normal, we had created a pattern interrupt, we had our third. That’s what you do. When you have your third, you start asking questions like, “Should we travel the country in an RV with a newborn baby?” Remember we started having these conversations after the next one.

While you were pregnant and then we moved down to Arizona.

I remember us sitting outside of the restaurant and we were like, “Let’s talk about this.” We said, “If we don’t do this now, we’re never going to talk about it again because it’s causing so much energy. It’s distracting. We’re either going to do this or we’re not going to do this.” We’ll talk about this more because I want to get to my answer. We decided to sell everything. We did a living estate sale.

A couple of days later, I said, “If we’re going to do this, let’s do this.” I came in with a great idea and I said, “Why don’t we sell everything and position that as a living estate sale?” I posted on Craigslist.

In my head, I’m like, “This is never going to work.”

Within four hours, we had almost 90% sold out of our 3,320 square foot house. Everything, beds, tables, chairs.

I had a baby in my arm, and they were like, “What is going on?” People are like, “How much for this? How much for that?” We didn’t put price tags on things.

We’ll do a video on that because it was the way we set it up, positioned it, and had people there. I’ll share how we did that because it was such an experience.

After we had sold my seventeen bases, 120 gift bags, and all of the things they needed. I remember even packing going, “Travis, can we save this.” He was like, “You have seventeen bases. You haven’t even used one of them in the last year.” We had different experiences of it but it was the time that I hit my knees. I learned things about me that I didn’t even know were still going on. My control issues. I had no idea, I knew all the principles of God but I didn’t know them at a heart level. I was still compartmentalizing my life. I had so much structure. I had enough routine. I could organize things. I could control things. Even though to some people, it looked like we were taking risks or doing things.

It was still within my bandwidth and a handful of times in the RV that I knew the only way I was going to mentally and emotionally survive was if I surrendered and crying sometimes at night going, “I can’t surrender.” It almost makes me emotional now. I don’t want to surrender. I don’t want to lose control. I don’t want to let go. This RV being, at that time, I don’t want to let go. That was my great awakening of learning to trust you, learning to trust me, learning to trust God at a level that I didn’t know I wasn’t doing. I didn’t know that I had found my capacity stretch but it stretched me in many different ways.

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I had no idea what I was doing and loved every minute of it.

I didn’t but it was good. You were up and I was emotionally starting my great awakening. I was starting to pray in ways that I’ve never prayed and journal in ways that I’ve never journaled. This is where my book started. This is where the idea of the book and my first initial chapter entries. It all was in the story. That was the biggest tipping point for me.

We’ve talked about it in the past, but for everyone reading, my experience was totally different. I thrived in it, loved it, selling everything was freeing of stuff at that time and then jumping into the A-class RV which if you’re not familiar, it’s like the big bus style. I remember flying. I found it online and we’d sold everything, we came back up here because we were going to leave from Colorado where we’re at. I flew out to California because I found one. I was driving back and you’d ask me.

I called you because he’s driving in our dream come true.

I flew out there, drove back the next day with the RV. We had no intention. I didn’t even book a plane ticket back. I was like, “This is it.” Driving back and you called me.

I said, “How does it feel?” We’ve been talking about this for ten years. How does it feel to finally driving it?

I was like, “It feels natural and normal.” I’ve already been here before because we’ve been thinking about it and processing it. It’s been in the back of my mind for many years.

When we look back, we traveled full-time as RVers, it was such a cool journey. We went to Texas, Utah, California, Wyoming, and Oregon. Where else did we go?

Washington, California, Arizona. We did a huge loop. This was our second trip full-time. We had no home.

That was the turning point that’s impacting me the most.

I don’t want to get in the weeds on that too, the process of letting go of the control because when we went through Arizona, we were in Moab and we were staying there. We had towed a Jeep behind it. The RV was parked at an RV park and the Jeep was doing something going to get some dinner and some ice cream. We parked in front of an ice cream place. After dinner, we were walking back and I noticed the Jeep was up on a curb. You could tell that there were pieces from a car and another car. I remember walking around the corner and there was almost like a weird weed.

That’s not Jeep, is it?

They were almost going to total it, it took three weeks to fix. There are a whole story and things that we learned in that process. That’s not the first time either.

We will do a full episode, I promise.


On that trip or on the other trips?

We’ll do it in another episode.

With the truck engine blowing up and having to rebuild it. It’s all those things. You start to lose control. When you walked in those situations, they’re never good. I don’t wish them upon ourselves or anybody but you hold it loosely of like, “What is it?” We were planning to head straight up north and we saw things that we would have never seen.

The lesson for me was the art of surrender and the art of acceptance. If you’re in fear, worry, or doubt, we played the controller. We were manipulating things. You know that you’ve started to learn this lesson when you sit and hold your life like this. You’re still intentional, we still know where we want to go and what we want to do but you learn to hold your hands open and that is still a practice. I have one more question. Why now? Why are we doing this show?

Why not?

That’s another new hashtag. Brilliant and insane, #WhyNot.

It’s one of those things and there’s been a couple in our life where it’s like, “When we get here then we’ll do it.” One of the things that I’ve learned too is when you care about something when you want something so bad, that’s the hardest thing to do because you’re going to judge yourself by doing it and potentially, you’re going to get judged, critiqued, or whatever it may be. We know that there’s no better time than now with some of the things that are going on. It forced us to rethink some of how we’re doing life, some of the business things that we were wanting to do, and we’re involved in. We’re rethinking everything and putting into action, new practices, and habits. Some of our friends and people on social media. Now’s the time. There’s no better time than now to help people to build out all the tools and resources, everything that we’ve learned, and then build the best community to support you, to get stuff done.

We strategically called it Dream On because when you think of dreaming, we’ve rebranded our company to be called The Dream Factory. My book is called Dream, I Dare You. When you think of that, people have two immediate reactions. One which is like, “Come on, get real, welcome to life, you need to be realistic, you need to be logical. Have you looked in your bank account? Have you looked at the news? Have you tapped into social media?” There’s that knee jerk reaction. There’s an immediate one that goes, “I was born for that. I was born to bring something in this world that no one else can bring. I was born to do what no one else can do. You’re the only Travis, I’m the only Julia. You readers, you’re the only you.” I believe in love like the tongue and cheek of this dream on because it has both of those potential tones but more than ever, we need to be dreaming.

It’s the most vulnerable within those dreams. The things that mean the most to you are the things that are most vulnerable. Knowing that we have started and stopped the show and not put it out there, making the commitment to getting a team to help us with the show and YouTube videos as we put this out because we know what we want to create which is an awesome community, give our pain purpose, learn, and constantly rethinking. Robert Kiyosaki has been a huge influence on me. One of the things he says is there are three sides to a coin. The head, the tail, and the center. You have to get a different perspective. Your thoughts have led you to where you’re at so you have to rethink.

Your thoughts aren’t going to take you to where you’ve never been because it got you to where you are.

You have to be around people that are challenging you and then also being around people that can support you because it’s easy to say I’ll do it tomorrow or I’ll start next week. If you don’t have the community whether it’s your family or your friends, which are not the best unless they’re dreaming and going after what they want, they’re not the best supporters of you doing something new and different.

In their defense, all they know is the world that you created to that point. When you start to step up to create a whole new world, they don’t know that world either. Even if they’re not trying to be malicious, they’re not trying to say you can’t do it though there are some that do that. It’s because they’re used to you being here and now you start to go there. They’re going to trigger, freak out, fear, worry, what about that? What about this? They want to control. Our greatest intention on these shows is to give you a platform to rethink, to give you permission to dream, to give you tools and insights into how to carry that out. Dreamers don’t dream, sit on a beach, and wish for a better world.

They are activists. They are believers that are doing things. They’re creators. They are the ones that have to take something that’s on the inside of them and bring it into the world around them. We want to provide conversation and tools around faith, family, business, marriage, finances, all the things that are important in our lives. More than ever before, based upon truly where we are as a globe, I want to see dreamers set free. I want to see us wake up. I want to keep waking up, I love when you live awake, I want to see the people that are reading this come alive and awake. That’s what would be my greatest intention to this.

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Me too, I’m excited about it. It’s still awkward a little bit and bear with us as we learn and grow too. I’m excited to see what’s going to come. Ideally, some of the things that we want to do and have planned for next year and some online things but also in person. I’m excited about that too.

Our intention is to share our dreams and the process with you because it is not always pretty, it’s not easy, and it’s not perfect. We will be frank in sharing some of the failures, the stories, the feelings, the emotions and all the things. Join us for our next episode. We’re going to share our journey on how we rethink. Travis shared a little bit but that’s next episode.

Go more in-depth. The whole premise of the show is not secrecy. We’re not big on table talk. To talk about the weather or what’s going on with sports. We want to talk about real things and things that we feel matter to a lot of people. Sometimes don’t go down that path or don’t have the right resources or the right community to talk about real things and living out your ultimate life, your dreams, your purpose, whatever you want to call it. We call it dreaming but it’s not just about dreaming, you have to take action. That’s what this community and this show is all about. It’s not listening to something, it’s about taking some action. Once you have now, those new thoughts.

We’re going to share with you in the next episode our journey to rethink and then we’re going to give you insights into how to start your own journey to rethink.

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