In today’s lesson, we are going to talk about doubt and how you can overcome your doubt to manifest your dreams.


Because who doesn’t struggle with doubt?


I know I do.

And I’m sure you do too.


If we’re honest, we all probably struggle with doubt… a little more than we’d like.


We doubt ourselves.

We doubt other people.

We doubt God…


Truth be told, doubt is detrimental in your path to manifesting your dreams, UNLESS IT’S NOT.


And today, I’d like to give you a front row seat to better understand doubt because maybe, just maybe, doubt isn’t detrimental to your dreams but rather a catalyst for them to grow!


That means, what I’m about to share is a TRUTH BOMB DOOZIE, if that were such a thing, that has the power to change everything so please, lean in…


Doubt is an opportunity.

And I am going to prove that to you, right here, right now!


In and of itself, doubt is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s what happens after doubt that I want us to be aware.


We read in James 1:6-8 it says, “Just make sure you ask empowered by confident faith without doubting that you will receive. For the ambivalent person believes one minute and doubts the next. Being undecided makes you become like the wind. You’re up one minute and tossed down the next. When you are half-hearted and wavering it leaves you unstable. Can you really expect to receive anything from the Lord when you’re in that condition?”


Already this scripture proves my theory… But here’s where we need to be clear:


Doubt is different than fear.

How so? You ask…

Doubt, by definition is uncertainty. It means lack of conviction.


How I define it is undecided belief.

It doesn’t know what it believes, which is why we’re exhausted.


Fear? It’s already decided. “I’m afraid.” Period. End of the story. Whether it’s real or not, true or not, I’m already decided: False Evidence Appearing Real.


Doubt, on the other hand is an invitation.

Doubt is an opportunity.

It’s the catalyst to build your belief.


Doubt enters the scene of our lives simply posed as a question… that’s all it is.

We’re the ones that are putting so much emphasis, bias, opinions around it. We’re the ones wrapping our emotions and a bigger story around it.


Let me give you an example of what doubt tends to sound like:
What if I fail?
What if it doesn’t work out?

What if I get hurt? Rejected?


All fair questions.

AND, they’re just questions. They’re not fact. They’re not truth. They’re questions.


Most of us then mingle around the question long enough that we start talking with it like it’s a person and we tie ourselves around it, believing it’s story as fact, making it our truth, wrapping our hearts around it and we wonder why we end up in the fear zone.


We hear the question, turn it into a statement, act as if it’s fact, and then we wonder why we’re not getting the results we want.




Doubt is an opportunity. It is here to strengthen you… it is here to make you, not break you. And ALL it wants to know is:




That’s why it says in Hebrews, “Search your hearts everyday… make sure that none of you has evil or unbelief hiding within you. For it will lead you astray, and make you unresponsive to the living God.” (Hebrews 3:12-12).


It goes onto say, “It is clear that they could not enter into their inheritance because they wrapped their hearts in unbelief” (Hebrews 3:19).

It says “they wrapped their hearts in unbelief.”


This is why you’re not overcoming your doubt and manifesting your dreams. Not because doubt in and of itself is a bad thing, but because it is fueling your fear. “What they hear didn’t affect them deeply, for they doubted. For those of us who believe, faith activates the promise… So then we must give our all and be eager to experience this faith-rest life, so that no one falls short by following the same pattern of doubt and unbelief.”



Doubt is an opportunity to strengthen you.


Who? What? Where? When? How? Why?

Because your dreams cannot afford for you to be weak. Your dreams need you strong.


In DREAM—I Dare You, I say, “ “Your dreams are not designed to keep you skinny, they’re designed to help you build strength.”


Romans 5:3 says, “We know that suffering produces perseverance, perseverance produces character and character, hope.”


Doubt is a way point, giving you the opportunity to choose. To strengthen yourself.

It is a Y in the road…


Sure, you can shift into fear, increasing your belief in a way that surely will not help you overcome doubt or manifest your dreams. OR, you can shift into faith. That means all you have to do is change the subject matter and use doubt as a way to build belief in your dreams!


This is how you overcome doubt and how you manifest your dreams.


It takes just as much energy as it does to fear as it does to have faith, but the outcome is exponentially different.


“Now faith brings our hopes into reality and becomes the foundation needed to acquire the things we long for. It is all the evidence required to prove what is still unseen…they saw beyond the horizon the fulfillment of their promises and gladly embraced it from afar… they couldn’t turn back for their hearts were fixed on what was far greater, that is, the heavenly realms” (Hebrews 11:1, 13, 16).


Doubt is par for the course.

Fear is a choice.

So is faith.


Both are hard.

#pickyourhard and today, let your doubt fuel your faith. Wrap yourself around your dreams, God’s promises, His provision, the vision! Throw yourself at it and then do a few push up’s and lift ‘til failure!


It is time to overcome your doubt and to manifest your dreams!