Can I please be honest with you and say “F Comparison”.

I mean for real.

It literally has the power to ROB your joy. It will stifle your creativity. It will kill your progress. It will absolutely empty your heart and soul. It’s a bunny trail of horrible. A hamster wheel of nowhere. And yet, I think it’s something that is an epidemic.

Can I please give you the permission to consider NOT comparing yourself ever again.

I mean really… Here’s what I need you to know if you want to live PURPOSED, a chance to #rethink: You have to stop PRACTICING comparing yourself to others.

Believe it or not, like anything else, comparison is a practice. You learn it, which tells me, YOU CAN UNLEARN IT. And you should.

If you can relate with this, and you’re tired of comparing your life to other people’s lives or even with who you used to be or should be, then consider this, #onethoughtaway:

Purpose is all about Competing With Yourself!

Which means, it’s all about CREATING yourself.

It has NOTHING to do with anybody else. It has to do with YOU!!!!! It has to do with forgetting about everyone else and competing with ME, MYSELF and I!!! It has to do with YOU and what you’re actually capable of.

Michael Jordan’s been quoted saying: “I’m not competing with somebody else… I’m competing with what I’m capable of.”

It’s you looking at yourself in the mirror every single morning and acknowledging that life will only get good when you and the person starring back at you begin competing for who you’re meant to be. Who you’re capable of being.

That, my friend, is a game changer.

How do you know what you’re capable of?!?!

Oh, YOU KNOW. You may not be able to articulate it (yet) or you may not be able to measure it (yet), but there is this internal knowing.

Depression. Anxiety. Longing. Curiosity. Boredom. Yea… those are all stimulants that are there, telling you that YOU DO KNOW. Those are signals. Your dreams, wishes, hopes and goals, yep, those are part of your purpose but you will never chase those if you are too busy comparing yourself.

You see, comparison robs purpose.

Purpose is unique.

There is only ONE you who can do it how YOU do it.

NOBODY else can do it like you.

I don’t care what that is… in your career, as a mom or dad, friend, artist, nobody else can say it like you, do it like you, etc.

So when you begin to see your comparison habit as an obstacle and a hinderance from living purposed, my hope is that you’ll drop it like a bad habit.

Where do you start??

Simple… kick the habit.

For real though. Acknowledge that comparison is a habit (and a bad one at that) and then begin the journey of kicking the habit.

1. Cut anything that doesn’t support you kicking the habit. If that means you don’t read any more gossip magazines, so be it. If that means you turn off social media for awhile, so be it. If that means you write all the things you love about yourself in a journal every single morning, do it.

2. Begin to identify what the best version of you does look like. I mean get hungry about it. Get curious. Get as specific as you can. Start by asking yourself: What does the best version of me look like? Close your eyes, create the space you need, read up on Enneagram, take Strength Finder’s, do what you need to do to identify what that means to YOU and then everyday, EVERY DAMN DAY, do something that moves you in the direction of becoming the best version of you.

3. Before crawling into bed, you go look at yourself in the mirror and honor the crap out of yourself! Honor yourself for showing up that day. Honor yourself for the beauty you bring. Honor yourself for all of it, the “good”, the “bad”, all of it.

4. Rinse and repeat!!!

When you start to do this, you’ll slowly but surely STOP comparing and you’ll slowly but surely START creating. You’ll bring more of YOU everywhere you go.

Purpose is not about finding yourself or comparing yourself, it’s about creating yourself!

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