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Do you know why chasing our goals and dreams and purpose is hard?

Simply put, it’s because we cannot see it.

For real though, consider the things you want so bad… reminisice on those dreams. For a second, recall all the things that you WANT but don’t have in your life right now?

What’s interesting about this is that we get all triggered and flustered and sideways over the fact that we don’t see those things but the reality is, we’re not supposed to.

We’ve got it all backwards and we’ve given so much upmh to a society that is all about “THE SEE”. Social media has blown this world. We are tied into what everyone else is doing and what everyone else has and what everyone else thinks about any given topic and we are losing ourselves in the midst of all the SEE.

But what I want is a world that is more committed to and convicted in building a new world from the unseen that we give more power to that which we cannot see versus that which we can.

It all starts there.

Martin Luther King Jr. That man had a dream. He did NOT see that dream anywhere. Liberty for all race did not exist when he started. But he had a dream and he developed a mindset around that dream. Then he created a culture around that mindset and then he lost himself to his own Purpose and Conviction and he became an unstoppable force.

You are no different.


This is the root cause of why many people don’t do it. It’s why people give up. It’s why they chalk it up as “childish”. It’s truly even one of the greatest roadblocks of dreaming. And right here, right now, I am going to invite you into the juxtaposition of it all. Once you understand how much of a juxtaposition it is, you’ll hopefully not feel so caught off guard when you feel the affects of it.

I’ll say it again (because that’s what all people do when they’re trying to drive a point home):

DREAMING is a JUXTAPOSITION. And because it is a juxtaposition, it’s why I’m always the first to say that dreaming is NOT for the faint of heart.

Juxtaposition, by definition is “two things being seen or placed close together with contrasting effects”.

Great JG, what the hell does that mean and how in the world does that help me in the dreaming process you speak of?

Trust me. It’s ONE THOUGHT that has the power to change EVERYTHING, when you really understand it.

Lemme break it down:

What you are dreaming of today, no matter how big or how small, is likely not seen, felt or experienced in the world today… or at least not in YOUR world. If it was, it wouldn’t be a dream, it would be a reality. Do you see what I mean?

So for example, lets say you dream of being a successful business owner who sells really cool, innovative product while making a difference in the lives of your community. You’re your own boss, captain of your ship. But, your REALITY tells you that you aren’t experienced enough, don’t have the right degree, have too messy of a past, you’ve failed too many times, you’ve currently got a crap job with no ability to grow… so this dream, in comparison to your reality is well, in contrast to what you’re actually experiencing today.

Or your dream is to be in a loving, passionate, thriving relationship but your reality says can’t stay in a long term relationship, you’re broke, living in your parents basement and probably won’t amount to much more than your brothers and sisters who are also broke and have no hope or vision or spouse. Quite the contrasting affect.

Or, you dream of being healthy. Like really healthy. Full of energy, 140 pounds, in shape, wise with food, the whole 9 yards. But your reality says you’re 50 pounds overweight, you have no idea what to buy at the grocery store (which is obvious with one look in your pantry), you’ve lost weight before but never been able to keep it off, and even if you did get to this dream, your friends may give you a hard time making it completely uncomfortable to look different.

What you want and what you have don’t always line up.

It’s two contrasting things being seen close together with contrasting effects (IE: the definition of juxtaposition).

Your dreams and your reality aren’t going to line up on day 1 or even day 375. They’re initially not supposed to. And the fact of the matter is, your dreams and your reality won’t line up until you’ve actually accomplished the dream itself. So maybe it would serve you to stop thinking that your dreams should manifest prematurely and begin to trust the dream and trust the process even more.

You see, dreaming is NOT about making a believer out of someone else, dreaming is about making a believer out of YOU.

The path to accomplishing your dreams is HARD. No questions asked. It takes work, vulnerability, patience, perseverance, creativity, and HUGE levels of trust and faith. That’s about YOU. It requires you to tap into the deepest parts of you and to learn how to trust the desires of your heart and to find the motivation and the unapologetic determination that is required to chase anything that is important to you. No one else can get you on that path and no one else will be able to keep you on it. YOU have to want it bad enough. Therefor:

This isn’t about anyone else.

“They” (whomever that is) will BELIEVE it when they SEE it. But what about you? Will you believe it BEFORE you see it? Will you lean in before ever giving yourself a chance to lean out? Will you grab onto faith, trust, hope, creativity or will you sink deep into fear, doubt, “busy”, and worry?!

Why do we need to dream? Why do we need to SEE?!?!

People without vision perish.


No questions asked.

It’s SOUL CRUSHING, debilitating, depressing and everything horrid to not be in your purpose or to have vision for your life. You literally feel like you’re in pain. Like a part of you is missing. You feel parched. Out of control and just sad.

Ask me how I know.

Dreaming is vision. It’s where our purpose is birthed from. They all work together, you will come to find.

I don’t want you to SEE, I want you to have a greater VISION.

I don’t want you just to hear, I want you to listen.

I don’t want you to survive, I want you to thrive.

I don’t just want you to go through the motions, being reactive to this life, I want you to LIVE LIFE and to go for it, all of it!

There IS hope. Purpose IS within reach. Actualization and freedom and liberation and uninhibited creation is here. Everything you’ve ached for and everything you’ve dreamt of can be found…

THIS is your hope. And with hope builds faith and with faith builds love and with love, ah man…. No barriers or limits.

Purpose does not make life perfect or even easier, it just makes it WORTH LIVING. It’s juicy. It’s the high, the energy, the buzz we seek.

Sure it’s going to cost you. Purpose costs you. Conviction costs you.

But so does mediocrity and justification and avoidance. It’s all gonna cost you something. And you DO have to pick. You are going to have to pick a side, to stand your ground, to take your position or to let it just happen to you. But here’s the thing, doing nothing is a stance. Ignoring, avoiding, justification is a stance.

Are you ready to take your stance? Are you ready to take your position?

Are you ready to see?

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