“You don’t always need a plan, just go!“

This is literally a value I have… action.

I just have this firm belief that sometimes you just won’t know until you go and too often, we wait for the stars to align, for the plan to “make sense”, for our mind and our friends, family, brother, cousin, neighbor to comprehend it and the truth of the matter is:

You’ll go farther if you don’t know!!!!

How is it possible that you’ll go farther without a plan?

Because people who go without a plan typically have a WHY… a Dream… a Goal… a Conviction to take crazy, massive action despite not knowing the in between.

Today, I left for Denver with 3.5 kids, 3 car seats, a stroller, a bag the size of an adult and no help. I literally was driving to the airport thinking how the heck am I going to get this inside?! I know this is a silly example but the reality is, it has impact for us all because there I was, unloaded by my car with 3 fewer hands than necessary but I knew and I trusted that we would figure it out.

And we did.

And so will you.

If we don’t put ourselves in position for something UNBELIEVABLE to happen, how will something unbelievable actually happen?

If we don’t put ourselves in position for our faith to prove itself true, we will never trust it.

If we don’t put ourselves in position to strengthen our intuition and instinct, we’ll never follow its lead.

Yes. I packed a bag. Yes. I considered all the things that I will probably will and could, maybe use. But the hard part, the unknown, the “how”, I left up to trusting that I’d figure it out BECAUSE my reason for going IS BIGGER THAN anything that could stop me…. therefore, I go.

If you’re reason, Dream, why, goal, conviction isn’t big enough than yes, get a bigger ONE!

If you’re lacking in this department, consider asking yourself questions like:

What do I want MOST and WHY? Why is that (whatever your answer was) important to me? What do I crave in my life that I don’t know how to obtain?

If I didn’t need to know “how”, what would I do, try, go after? Whats my greatest fear in going after a goal? Whats the possibilities on the other side of that fear? Do I want any or all of this MORE THAN I want or need to know “how”? if you’re answer is YES, then keep reading… If your answer is NO, ask yourselves those questions again until your answer becomes realer.

Once you have a BIG reason and you trust that the destination is where you want to be, then GO and trust that the journey will make you better in the process.

You might not know exactly “how” but that’s never stopped some of the great who have gone before us. It’s in you. Cuz you and me aren’t that different. I promise.

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