What is a Limitless Vision and Why is it So Powerful? (an excerpt from my upcoming book DREAM: I Dare You)

Vision, by definition is the ability to think or plan the future with imagination and wisdom.

Imagination and wisdom.

Whoa. 2 words we don’t give nearly enough credit. Lets lean in.

Imagination, by definition means the action of forming new ideas, images or concepts of external objects not present to the sense; the ability of the mind to be creative and resourceful.

Wisdom, by definition, is the soundness of action or decision with regard to the application of experience, knowledge and good judgment. Another translation says it is knowledge and the capacity to make use of it. Also said to be unbiased judgment, compassion, knowledge, self transcendence and non-attachment.

If we blended all of that together and landed on this idea of what I call a limitless vision, it would then be defined as: An unbiased, self – transcended, non – attached approach to life that allows you to form new ideas, images and concepts beyond current, external senses and establish a more convicted way (creative and resourceful) to approach manifestation. BOOM.

Limitless Vision = An unbiased, self – transcended, non – attached approach to life that allows you to form new ideas, images and concepts beyond current, external senses and establish a more convicted way (creative and resourceful) to approach manifestation.

Here’s why a Limitless Vision is so powerful:

It will never hold you captive to your past or current circumstances. It will open you up to new ideas, images, concepts, choices and fresh perspectives that actually enable you to live free.

It releases you from your current circumstances because vision has nothing, nothing, to do with “reality”.

It allows you to be a creator of your future because it enables you to ponder a future from a place of imagination and wisdom.

It is your unapologetic permission to finally live your life, without stipulation or restraint from the things that hold you back (including environment, thought patterns, addictions and habits).

This is where dreams are built from. This comes from a much deeper place than where we’re accustomed to living from. Our fears are developed in our head, whereas these limitless vision are birthed in our heart space and require no “proof”.

It is your hope (in the midst of circumstances).

This is your turn around strategy. Often we spend so much of our life running away from things (our past, limiting beliefs, mistakes, guilt, etc.) and this will now give you something to run towards. Running backwards is hard yo. It may work for awhile but the minute you turn around and you begin running towards something, you realize, holy crap, this is way easier and gets me to where I want to be much faster. A limitless vision is your turn around.

It is the fire that can get you out of bed in the morning.

It is your motivation.

It is your new boss.

It has been labeled your “why”.

It is something you see but not with your eyes.

It is your joy in the pain, your courage in the midst of the fear, your “yes” even when everyone else is saying “no”.

It’s pretty much the best thing since sliced bread.

SOOOOOOOOOO, to anyone and everyone who feel depleted, tired, stressed, anxious and/or out of control, now you know why. I mean sure, more money in the bank would be nice or a more stable job or a better relationship or having more experiences or traveling the world, yes, all of those things are nice and we want to live our best life but which do you think comes first, all those things or a limitless vision for life??

Need I say more…

(Probably, so I will). Most of the manifested limitless visions we see today is a byproduct of just that, someone not needing the world to give them the results but rather a limitless vision in guiding them on how to create the results. Look at Amazon’s Company Vision of “Sell everything to everyone.” Yep. Pretty sure they accomplished that one. Back in the day though, was the manifestation of this vision true? No way! But it surely gave them a clearer path to pursue didn’t it?

Mohammad Ali who is known for saying “I am the best.” And sure enough, we know him as the best today. He wasn’t “the best” when he started but it gave him a lot of clarity and a focal point didn’t it?! It told him who he was and gave him an upper hand because now, he couldn’t let himself settle for anything but that.

Your limitless vision is your way out of any limiting factors that you may have in your life. It is your key and your path to freedom and just like Amazon or Mohammad Ali who maybe sounded crazy when they got started proved firsthand how not crazy a clear enough vision really can be. And you know what, if you study both examples, they were unapologetic about this vision, which confirms that once you’ve established your own Limitless Vision, you too can be unmovable. You can finally hang your hat and your life on it!

Now, a limitless vision doesn’t make everything in your past easier nor does it make everything in your future more perfect, but what it does do is absolutely change you from the inside out so you are equipped to handle whatever may come at you because it gives you a true north. Amazon hasn’t had all good days and Mohammad Ali didn’t only have wins but their Vision for their future was stronger than any obstacle or limiting belief that got in their way, which is proof to where they are today.

It’s no secret, life isn’t easy and it just doesn’t always make sense but ultimately the people with the greatest Vision thrive because they have an innate ability to see something that others can’t. We all need something bigger and better driving us on hard days and even, if you’re like me, on the mundane days. Vision is a bigger, broader perspective that doesn’t even just have to do with you, but rather, the greater good of us all.

So wherever you are today in your journey, whether you are reading this book at home, feeling isolated, alone and even a bit depressed OR you’re accomplished, achieved and looking for the next thing in life, a good solid understanding of your own Limitless Vision will throw off any conscious or unconscious limiting beliefs and support you in the next steps of life.

Now, also, as a prerequisite, lemme also say this: ALL and I do mean all of the manifested limitless visions we see in the world today are a byproduct of someone’s vision from yesterday. The day you plant a seed and the day you harvet that seed are two completely different days with a lot of persistence, pruning, season changes, and patience in between. This does not happen over night. It’s why most people quit and give up. It’s why most people buckle. It’s because A. they don’t recognize that there is a process to this and B. It’s because they’ve convinced themselves that they want the result more than they want the journey and that’s always dangerous. Amazon, Ali, even Connor MeGreggor didn’t need instant results, they didn’t need immediate gratification, they didn’t need anyone or anything to give them that which only they could give themselves and that is exactly what you need to work towards.

Why do you settle in the job that you’re at?

Why do you watch 4+ hours of tv a day?

Why do you keep dating “bad guys”?

Why do you not set or hit your goals?
What keeps you from trying something new?

Why are you living paycheck to paycheck?

What do you gain by blaming someone else?

Why do you get so fired up when someone cuts you off in traffic?

Why do you procrastinate or simply not do the things that are most important to you?

Why do you put off ‘til tomorrow what you really want to do today?

Why do you let yourself “tap out” or give yourself excuses?

Why do you talk behind people’s backs?

Why do you wish and hope but not just go for it?

Why are you not the weight you want to be?

Why do you listen to your fear, doubt, and anger?

What keeps you from being healthy?

I know. I’m sure your blood pressure is rising and I’m sure you have 1000 different answers to those questions. I, on the other hand, have just one answer…

Because you don’t have a Limitless Vision, you have a Limiting Belief that’s hindering you from seeing beyond what you can see.

“It’s not what you look at that matters. It’s what you see.”

What we need to realize is that what we need most in order to move through our own limiting beliefs and the things that we give far too much energy too is not a better past or a more perfect way of doing things, what you need is to find a different thought to cling to. This is not woo-woo, it is not magical or whimsical, it is the real hard fact that you need something bigger than you to get you to where you’ve never been before and that, my friend, is called Limitless Vision.

Remember back to my apple and orange tree analogy? If you want apples in life but you’re getting oranges, you can’t just cut down the oranges and expect an apple will grow in it’s place. Instead you have to uproot it and replant an apple seed. That apple seed is your Limitless Vision. It’s just a seed, planted out of conscious choice to get a different result.

Now, let me ask you this, when you plant a seed, does that tree grow and produce fruit over night? Of course not. That is even silly to consider. Yet, for most of us, if we’re not careful, we expect those kinds of instantaneous results in our own personal life or we just give up. A Limitless Vision will take time to manifest itself but just like the orange seed you planted years ago, watered and nurtured, providing you with oranges (limiting beliefs) so too will this apple tree bear beautiful apples if you stick with the process and diligently water it.

Here’s why Limitless Vision is so freaking powerful… It’s an inside out game which means, you’re no longer focused on circumstances as a basis for how you live your life, you’re not praying for “less rain” or fewer problems, you’re not attaching yourself to perfectionism, money or other people’s approval, you are going within yourself and consciously deciding how you want to live your life. You are going deep, to the very seed. That means instead of trying to control circumstances or outcome or people, you find gratitude for every situation because it’s there for a reason and has potential to make you better. Instead of praying for the rain to stop or problems to just go away, you decide to play in the rain and consciously choose to engage with the problems, allowing them to make you wiser and stronger. Instead of relying on outside stuff to affirm you (accolades, money, acceptance), you lean into wisdom and imagination and you let those be your guide. Once you do this, you begin to see how much more of an enlightened individual you become because you realize that everything, everything, starts from within. Mohammad Ali’s game didn’t start in the ring. It started within himself before he ever got in that ring. The ring was a byproduct. Amazon, their journey as a business, didn’t start the minute their URL went live, it was in that boardroom when they decided they were going to “sell everything to everyone” and then went live with only shoe sales. Neither example needed external confirmation. They didn’t need money. They didn’t need other people’s approval. Why? Because they had their own at such a deep level.

My question to you is this: does your belief go that deep? Are you rooted in such unbiased, unapologetic vision that you’re oozing it? If not, you need vision my friend. Nothing less, nothing more.

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