How are you?

I mean, what a loaded question as of lately, eh??

That question has so many answers doesn’t it?

And depending upon when someone asks you will depend upon the answer you will likely give.

However, may I remind all of you believers out there, if our confidence is in God, our answer should be whole. I am WHOLE.

Whole means COMPLETE, not lacking anything.

If He is our joy, if he is our confidence, if he is where we put our trust and our faith and is everything that we depend on, then how could that not be our answer?!

Yes. I’ve watched the news. Yes, I’ve scanned social media. And, AND, it’s in times like these that reminds us that we have never been in control nor will we ever be in control and that all we need is THE controller of the universe to be in control.

If you are feeling anxiety or stress or worry or fear or doubt or concern about where our world is at, super fair. We are humans, which means so much of this is really beyond us. But may we not lean on our own understanding but in all our ways may we acknowledge him, because he will make our paths straight.

Let God blow our understanding right now.

THAT really is my greatest encouragement to you right now, that you no longer lean on your own understanding – may you not grab the news or social media or anything else, but simply choose to grab onto him in ways that you will never logistically understand.

His deep calls to your deep. His answers call to your question. His love calls to your heart! It is his heaven that is needed on our earth.

So, when prompted with how are you? Consider saying, I am WHOLE. I am.

His. I am a child of God so I have faith. I am awake. I am ready. I have confidence in who God is and not what is going on around me.

How are you?