If we all want clarity in our life, why are so few actually clear? Believe it or not, we stay unclear because it’s giving us something. Even though we admit we don’t like being unclear, it’s benefitting us somehow in some way; otherwise we wouldn’t hang onto it. In my book, DREAM – I Dare You, I talk about 3 reasons most stay unclear: the need to be right, to not have to take responsibility, to stay comfortable. Which is it for you?

Cats outta the bag though! Staying unclear is giving you something after all (see your above answer). Whatever your reason is, is your lack of clarity giving you what you really want most?

If not, I am inviting you on a journey to get clear.

NOTE: I said journey to get clear.

We think the journey is about getting to the answer as quickly as possible but that’s NOT at all it. The journey is about you who become along the way. The journey of getting clear is about YOU… letting go of the things that no longer serve you, refining you to be magical, convicting you to become stronger.

It’s now about the answer. It’s about YOU.

I spent some time on a recent 4 part series talking about GETTING CLEAR. You can access all 4 of those series by joining our Facebookgroup, Dream: Together.

On session 3, of this particular series, I walked you through my tried and true way of getting clear… “be still and know.”

But here, I promised to provide you with an onslaught, a heap of, a whole hell or a lot, whole – hearted questions to ask yourself so you can become CLEAR.

All of these questions will give you many ways “in.” Ask each question and surrender to the process. Don’t judge the answer. Don’t rush the process. Don’t force the answers, nor do you need an answer for every single question (there’s a ton of them), simply use them as ways to get clear by being still.

It’s simple… #simplestupidhard, be still so you can know.

Here you are my friend! Here’s to YOU being clear because there is a world that is waiting for your dreams!