Monthly Archives: July 2020

Creation vs. Comparison

Times have changed. And, fast. We’ve lost revenue… lost businesses… lost “normal” habits and routines… and yes, even some have lost their minds. For others, it’s simply give us a time to pause… reflect… rethink… reboot… re-strategize… and yes, even relax a little. Regardless, change is upon us and fortunately...


How many of us want to be clear? Clear on our next steps… clear on how to live healthy… clear on how to have more passion in our relationships… clear on how to make more money… clear on what to do next… heck, clear on our life’s purpose. We all...

Dreamers Take Action

ACTION We’re going to talk about action. And how, in order to be a Dreamer, you have to know how to take action… “Dreaming is a verb. It requires action.” – JG And oftentimes, The ONLY difference between your dreams and your reality is action.   We’re going to talk...
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