Dream Team – Caleb Kolstad

Caleb Kolstad

Chief Marketing Officer

Caleb Dream Team

I have a wonderful fiance (Getting married September 4, 2024) and family. Born and raised + still live in Beaverton, OR. I have blessed life. Accepted Jesus into my heart at 5, within two years I shared his word and love with all of my neighbor friends and everyone of them accepted Jesus into their hearts. I am truly in love with God and have a deep love for the church. Grew up as a pastor’s kid and count it as a blessing. I am the production director at my home church “Westside Community Church” and I get the opportunity to lead an amazing team and work with amazing people. As a Marketing/Media Agency Owner, I manage a 9-million-follower social media portfolio, creating effective strategy and crafting engaging content that captivates audiences. I excel as a professional Filmmaker/Content Creator, Certified Copywriter and Trained Marketer, driving campaigns that resonate deeply. A skilled leader, I focus on 10x growth, world class strategies, specializing in enabling scalable business focus, system building and successful delegation. I love every second of what I do.

What is your Limitless Vision?

  • I want to change the world. I want to pave a way for new and improved practices in multiple industries that become societal norms.
  • I want to create a lasting Legacy
  • I want to spread my knowledge overtime to as many people as possible so that the next generation is better than our generation.
  • I want to equip people well to do out of this world things
  • I want to partner with God in creating a movement of spreading the gospel, creating new practices and finding ways to make it tangible, ways to reach every type of person and communicate the gospel in a way that sits well with everyone so that they find God and grow a relationship with him. Truly attacking it at the root and doing large research studies and psychology studies to build well thought out studies and practices for this.
  • Build leaders of leaders
  • Make following God a way of life for everyone on earth.

If your life were a quote, what would it be?
“Shoot for the Moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars”

If your life were a song, what would it be?
I love this song: Enough by Elias Dummer

What’s one thing most people wouldn’t know about you?
When I was 7 I started helping on construction sites and I helped build mansions. When I was 10 I started my first business in woodworking which was the start of my entrepreneurship that has now shot up from there. I live in the city but belong on a farm. I grew up on farms and competed on horses all throughout my childhood.

What’s one of your greatest dreams you’re currently dreaming?

  • I want to leave a dent on the earth, create something that is remembered in 200 years +
  • I want to be one of the starts of a worldwide movement of following God and making that a way of life for everyone on earth
  • Get married, build a successful marriage and find a home for us
  • I want to be an amazing leader, providing jobs and a company culture that changes lives and improves mindsets
  • I want to redefine the definition of what is possible in a lifetime and beyond
  • I want to flip the content/marketing industry on its head
  • I want to write books that become Best Sellers and instill new ideas and practices in industries. Paving a new and improved way.
  • I want to teach people how to effectively leverage AI while keeping their originality

Why did you join The Dream Factory and Co?
I love the mission, I love “Dream, I Dare You” and I love the people. I wanted to take my expertise and leverage them for this high impact company. It’s also a great learning opportunity. I want to spread the mission of The Dream Factory and the word of God further.

For the person out there who feels stuck and unclear about their dreams, what would you tell them?
What is the dream you have that would change the world? What if you made it happen? What if on your side you had the creator of the universe and everyone in it… Do you feel like you can do it now? What would you be sacrificing if you didn’t give your all towards this dream? And what would you gain if it did happen? Who would be affected by this dream coming true? Now take the first step of action and chase those dreams. remember your answers to those questions every day. I’m proud of you and you’re loved.

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